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Power Rankings: Week 10

By Laurence Farah, 02/05/17, 4:30PM CST


Omar's Tires has work to do in the standings, but they are the scariest team in the league right now.

Omar's Tires point guard Khalid El-Amin directs traffic as the leader of one of the league's hottest teams.

Pos. (Last Week) Team Record

1. (2) Savages, 7-3

No concern with the loss to the Heat last week in the back end of a doubleheader. The Savages are clicking right now. In a league with a field full of talent, the team that wins it all will be the team that maximizes its talent with the best teamwork and on-court chemistry. The Savages have played the best team ball lately and it’s not close.

2. (5) Omar's Tires, 4-6

Forget the record. Omar’s Tires are in business. They had a real rocky start because of personnel issues, but those days are history. They are the most athletic team per inch in the league. They are not the most athletic team, but their height-to-athleticism ratio is unmatched. They’re not lacking in skill, either. Akeem Cubie led the Rebels to a Triple Double title last year and Khalid El-Amin has won a few big games in his time, too. This is the team to watch.

3. (1) Outlawz, 7-2

Last week was a nightmare for the Outlawz, there’s no sugarcoating it. The self-implosion they suffered in the first half against Omar’s Tires was ugly. However, they closed the gap on the more than 20-point deficit they faced, which speaks highly about their character. Most teams would not have fought back the way they did. Every team goes through struggles in a long season. The Outlawz are in that spot right now, but they should bounce back.

4. (4) Falcons, 7-3

The Falcons don’t match up well with the Savages - halfcourt team vs. fastbreak team. Especially when they’re not a full strength. It’s that simple. There’s little long-term concern for the Falcons, but they will need a healthy Jonny Ball for the playoffs. And like everyone, they’ll want to try to avoid drawing Omar’s Tires in the first round of the playoffs. So keep winning!


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5. (3) MPLS Scrubs, 7-3

The Scrubs have poor team chemistry. Flight Squad is definitely underrated, but the Scrubs had no business losing that game last week and they have no one to blame but themselves. At full strength, the Scrubs will be favored regardless of opponent. But they have some soul-searching to do after last week’s loss.

6. (7) All4One, 5-4

All4One basically had a bye last week and they needed it. A 24-point win over The Family could not have come at a better time. They were coming off two straight losses and the playoff race is only getting tighter. It still seems as though we have not seen the best basketball this team can play, yet they have a winning record. The last five games will be vital for this team to not only win more games, but to consistently field a full roster so they can develop as a team.   

7. (6) Rams, 5-5

Is there a more frustrating team than the Rams? They had a huge early lead on IAD last week and then they went away from what was working for them. They blew the lead and lost the game. That’s been a recurring theme with them this season. Raheem Tyner may have the James Harden look down, but he belongs in the paint in this league. When the Rams offense starts struggling to score, they need Tyner to be taking high percentage shots near the rim. Not messing around on the perimeter. That said, the Rams have a plethora of other issues. The main concern is their lack of quickness. They are one of the older and slower teams in the league. When they do build a lead, they need to manage the clock better with longer possessions and utilize their bench more efficiently to keep everyone fresher at the end of games.

8. (8) South Beach Heat, 4-6

Finally. The Heat team we’ve all been waiting for showed up last week in their 79-76 win over the Savages. Good thing, too, since every other team that had three wins heading into last week also won. The Heat are filled with TD vets, which should give them the edge this last month of the season as they fight for a playoff spot. I wouldn’t bet against them.  

9. (9) Flight Squad, 4-6

One might say that Flight Squad caught the Scrubs on an off night last week. In reality, they surprised the Scrubs in the early going. Then with the Scrubs flummoxed and in a tizzy, they capitalized. Demetrius Martin is a cold-blooded killer. His game-winning drive and bucket as time expired was March-Madness worthy. He could benefit himself and his team to work on becoming a better ball-distributor, but he is one hell of a scorer. This team is coming into its own, as its players are embracing their roles. It’s been fun to watch.  

10. (10) IAD, 4-6

IAD can flat out put opponents on their heels with their pristine ball movement. Their 4-6 record shows that they’re still searching for consistency in that area, among others, but when they get in that rhythm they are as good as anyone. The ball moves faster in the air than on the ground. Ever heard that one? Don’t believe it? Watch IAD play. If they’re winning, you’ll see it in action.

11. (11) The Family, 0-10

The Family has four chances left to avoid a winless season. I’m not sure that there’s ever been a team in TD history to finish a season without a win. I’d have to check the records, but I don’t think it’s happened before. The league is structured to promote parity and competitive play between all teams. The Family has been a sad exception to that this season.