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Power Rankings: Week 13

By Laurence Farah, 02/27/17, 4:45PM CST


The end of the regular season marks the start of the playoffs. For some teams, the playoffs start this week. Here's a look at the varying playoff implications of Week 13.

All4One captain and guard Freddie Burton has led his team to five straight wins and a second-place regular season finish after spending most of the season in the middle of the pack.

Pos. (Last Week) Team Record

1. (1) MPLS Scrubs, 10-3

The Scrubs locked up the No. 1 seed last week when they smoked the Falcons 83-61. They hold the tiebreaker (head-to-head) over All4One thanks to a 90-75 win over Freddie Burton’s squad January 24. The Scrubs have embarrassed their last three opponents by victory margins of 31, 14 and 22 (Rams, Savages and Falcons). This star-studded squad has figured things out and they are the odds on favorites to win this year’s title.

Playoff scenario(s):

Clinched No. 1 seed

2. (2) Omar's Tires, 7-6

After an 0-5 start, Omar’s Tires has won seven of their last eight games. Their slimmest margin of victory in that stretch was nine points (vs. Outlawz, Jan. 31). Despite being the hottest team in the league, their playoff seed will greatly depend on this week’s outcomes.

Playoff scenario(s):

A win over the Scrubs could propel them as high as the No. 4 seed if the Falcons defeat the Savages and IAD upsets the Outlawz.

A loss to the Scrubs would drop them all the way down to the No. 7 seed, since the Rams hold the tiebreaker over them - thanks to that 88-85 Dec. 13th loss that predates their current roster configuration.

3. (5) All4One, 9-4

Another red hot team, All4One quietly secured the No. 2 seed last week, for better or worse. They’ve won five straight and they’ve done so in convincing fashion. However, this hot streak could lead to lead to a very difficult, but thrilling, first-round matchup against Omar’s Tires in a No. 2 vs. No. 7 series.

Playoff scenario(s):

Clinched No. 2 seed, since they hold the tiebreaker over the Savages, Falcons and Outlawz.

4. (3) Savages, 8-5

The Savages have struggled lately. They’ve lost three of their last four and they have not been shy about expressing their frustration. Time for them to channel their frustrations into resiliency. They lost to Omar’s Tires and the Scrubs over the last two weeks, arguably the strongest two teams in the league. To blame the officials over such losses discredits the winning teams. More significantly, it damages a team’s psyche to the point where they cannot learn from their losses, since they are unwilling to accept them. This week’s game against the Falcons should be treated as a playoff. The Savages are one of the more intense teams in the league; they always bring the passion. Time to add in control and composure.

Playoff scenario(s):

A win over the Falcons would secure the No. 3 seed.

A loss could drop them to as low as the No. 6 seed if the Outlawz defeat IAD and if Omar’s Tires beats the Scrubs.

5. (4) Falcons, 8-5

The Falcons have also lost three of their last four and are backing into the playoffs. Last week’s 22-point loss to the Scrubs was a new low point to their season and the frustration and disappointment over the outcome was blatant after the game. They need desperately need a strong showing this week against the Savages to boost morale.

Playoff scenario(s):

A win over the Savages would secure the No. 3 seed.

A loss could drop them as low as the No. 6 seed if the Rams defeat All4One and if the Outlawz defeat IAD.

6. (6) Outlawz, 8-5

The Outlawz got a free one (forfeit) last week against a decimated Family squad. They badly needed a win, but they really could have used the work. The Outlawz team that started 7-1 has disappeared and what they’re left with is a team that seems destined for an early playoff exit. However, this week’s matchup against IAD is a favorable one and the perfect opportunity to end the season on a high note and start fresh in the playoffs.

Playoff scenario(s):

A win over IAD would secure the No. 4 seed.

A loss and an Omar’s Tires win could drop them to as low as the No. 7 seed.


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7. (7) Rams, 7-6

The Rams got a much-needed win last week over Flight Squad that secured a playoff berth. They’ve got their work cut out for them this week against a surging All4One team, but at least they’re in. The last time they played All4One they lost by three (76-73, Jan. 3), but that seems like ages ago. Since then these two teams have gone in different directions. Should be a great challenge for the Rams just before the playoffs.

Playoff scenario(s):

A win over All4One could propel the Rams to as high as the No. 5 seed if the Savages beat the Falcons.

A loss could drop them to as low as the No. 7 seed.

8. (8) South Beach Heat, 6-7

The Heat got the same draw as the Outlawz last week and got a free win (forfeit) from The Family. And just like the Outlawz, they needed the win, but they needed the work, too. This week’s matchup against Flight Squad is not sink or swim, but more like don’t drown.

Playoff scenario(s):

A win over Flight Squad secures the No. 8 seed.

A loss by less than 16 points secures the No. 8 seed.

A loss by 17 or more points equals elimination.

9. (9) Flight Squad, 5-8

Flight Squad needed a win last week. Instead, they got crushed by the Rams, 107-86. Now they’ll need to basically blow out the Heat this week to sneak into the playoffs, where they would then get saddled on a date with the Scrubs. Not an ideal situation.

Playoff scenario(s):

A win over Heat by 17 points or more secures the No. 8 seed; anything less equals elimination.

10. (10) IAD, 4-9

IAD will play for pride this week against the Outlawz in the spoiler role. They actually match up really well with the Outlawz. If they come to play, don’t be surprised if they give Lee Moore’s team a run for their money.

Playoff scenario(s):


11. (11) The Family, 0-14

The Family’s season from hell ended on a new low point last week. Or maybe last week was actually their high point, considering it marked the end to their misery. Better luck next year, fellas.

Playoff scenario(s):