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Play In Triple Double This Season

By Admin, 10/26/17, 3:00PM CDT


Triple Double is Minnesota’s Premier Amateur Basketball League. Don’t miss your opportunity to star in Season 15!

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There are two ways a play in Triple Double this season: Enter the draft or sign to play with one of the 12 player-captains. Each captain can sign a maximum of three players. The rest of his roster (eight players total) must be filled in with free agents through the draft.

All players must attend one of two Free-Agent Showcase dates. The first of which is 7 p.m. Tuesday Nov. 7 and the second is 7 p.m.  Nov. 14 at the Midtown YWCA, 2121 E Lake St. Minneapolis, to play in the 2017-18 season - only free agents are required to participate.

The Showcase will consist of a structured set of pickup games for free agents to display their game in front of the league captains. The drafting captains will scout the playing ability and character of the free agents in preparation for the draft, which will be held at Elsie’s Bar, Restaurant and Bowling Center the following week. All are welcome, and strongly encouraged, to attend the draft.

How to enter the draft and play this season

Players are encouraged to pre-register Online for the FA Showcase. To pre-register, follow this link to pay the league entrance fee. Pre-registration is the only way to guarantee a place in the 2017-18 Draft.

If you do not pre-register, you can do so at the FA Showcase if there is still space available. However, the league will fill up and league entry is first come, first served. Don’t delay, sign up today!

The cost to play in Triple Double this season is $200 per player. A minimum of half of the league fee is required to participate in the FA Showcase. The remaining balance is due two days before the league draft.

The Draft creates a unique twist to the intrigue and atmosphere of the league. It levels the playing field and promotes the diverse relationships that drive the Triple Double Community.

How to become a Team Captain and enter your own team

There are a limited number of Team Captain positions available this season. Team Captain positions come with a handful of modest responsibilities on game nights. Contact Laurence Farah at today if you are interested in becoming a Team Captain this season.

Laurence Farah

League Official

Phone: 612-226-5552

Season details

Regular season: 14 games; start times are 7:15 p.m., 8:15 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. Tuesdays at the Midtown YWCA from December until early March.

Playoffs: First two rounds are best-of-three series (some games may be played on a different night during the week other than a Tuesday); Championship Game is TBD.

Other: Teams are provided jerseys and players are given a sense of community and the opportunity for stardom, as statistics are recorded and highlighted online at