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Fearless Predictions: Week 2

By Ray Johnson, 12/19/17, 8:30AM CST


Savages and Birdie's Revenge square off in big time contest between TD vets Week 2.

Savages guard and captain Meech Williams (left) defends forward Dom Dawson of the Heat (now Birdie's Revenge) in an game last season. The two will square off this week in a big time match up between Triple Double vets.

In Week One there were some upsets, some guys that showed they have arrived, and some thrillers that came down to the finish. Week Two’s match-ups look to be even tougher to predict, but they’ll be awesome to watch.


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Omar’s Tires (0-1) vs. Crowd Pleasers (0-1)

The defending champs got punched in the mouth the first game of the season by a gritty Rock Pile unit. I think that game was more of an attest to how well The Rock Pile will be playing this season, opposed to Omar’s Tires not being elite. I mean this team has the talent and firepower to beat anybody. They’ll respond to last week’s lackluster performance this week.

Last week, I wrote that the Crowd Pleasers were the most unknown squad in TD. Well, they showed me who they are for the first 30 minutes of their loss against a veteran scrubs team. They surrendered a 16-point lead in the closing 15 minutes of the game to get popped by double digits in overtime. Welcome to Triple Double! The game is never over in this league until the final horn blows and the clock reads “0.00.” These guys found that out the hard way.

The Crowd Pleasers played well last week and look like a team that’s been playing together for years. However, Omar’s Tires have too many veterans that will refuse to fall to 0-2.

Omar’s Tires by 9

Savages (1-0) vs. Birdie’s Revenge (1-0)

The Savages topped the Falcons 77-74 behind captain Meech Williams’ 21 points, six rebounds and six assists. This squad has a great balance of guards, wings and big men. They also don’t turn the ball over too much. They only had five turnovers. On the other hand they only forced five turnovers themselves. Which probably explains why the score was so close. The combination of Will Leftridge, Shane Bosek and Johnny Ball is well orchestrated. They should control the paint on most nights. They still will need another guard to emerge as a go to scorer to be considered a title contender.

Birdie’s Revenge is the well-balanced deep squad I thought they would be. The problem is they are too deep and do not know who should be in the game in crunch time. They almost blew the game last week because of that reason. Guys who were hot were riding the bench and they wondered, Why? But coolers heads prevailed and they made the right subs in critical moments. The maturity they showed could be just what this team needed early. Here’s a hint of advice, Lee Moore and Roc Rogers should always sub themselves out when they feel they need to.

This game will feature two teams with a bunch of depth, but Birdie’s Revenge has a slight edge. Aaron Delaney and Johnny Ball will be the ex factors. Whoever shows up for their team this week will win.

Birdie’s Revenge by 3

D.O.A (1-0) vs. Hybrid Nation (0-1)

Who is Roosevelt Scott and where did he come from? This guy dazzled in his debut with highlight plays and signature dunks that left the crowd amazed. He nearly dunked on a 7-footer, but it rimmed out. With this guy D.O.A has immediately moved up on top of my charts as a contender. I haven’t even mentioned Akeem Cubie who racked up 37 points in his own right. This team got their rocks off in a game that was never close. All this with All-Star captain DeAnthony Taylor not suiting up. Holy smokes, watch out for this trio.

Hybrid Nation committed 20 turnovers against a Self Made team that I proclaimed the worse in the league coming into the season. Point guard D’starr Turner accounted for nine of them. This team has talent and shooters all over the court, but they lack size. They’re going to need their big man A.J. Wilson to show up this week if they want to have a real shot of gaining chemistry early.

D.O.A. has arguably two top-five players in the league and some may argue three of the top 15. Hybrid Nation doesn’t. Without Wilson I don’t see how they win this game.

D.O.A. by 9

Falcons (0-1) vs. Self Made (1-0)

The Falcons post-Carl Hipp is still a pretty good team. Jacob Peterson and his 6’8” frame is a nice replacement. He recorded 10 points and 11 boards last week. The problem is nearly 50 percent of the Falcons shots came from three-point range. They shot about 45 percent, which is great. But with a big man like Peterson, you’re going to have to play inside-out and let him work more. I believe last week’s game could have went either way. This team is just now scratching the surface.

I apologize, Self Made, when I said you guys were the worst team on paper. You guys came out and fought hard to earn a victory against Hybrid Nation. Big man Cory Luckett looks like he did for the Mad Hatters in 2011 by registering 27 points. We haven’t seen that kind of scoring output from him in quite some time. Dierre Martin has returned after a year off and his right back to being the same premiere scorer he was before he left. This team is going to better than I thought.

Self Made is good, but I need to see it against better competition, like the Falcons, before I run with it. The Falcons shooters may be too much for them.

Falcons by 5

Scrubs (1-0) vs. Green Wave (0-1)

The Scrubs bounced back from being down by 16 to secure a double-digit victory. That’s the heart and determination you can expect out of veterans like DeAndre Townsend, Jamel Staten and even Marcus Smith. This team can strike quick and often if you don’t come out to play and finish them off early. They were even short franchise forward Kevin Henderson, who will make an immediate impact once he suits up.

The Green Wave is the biggest team in the league with two guys registering over 6-foot-7. Two other guys are 6’4”. The problem is all these guys are starters and they lack a true playmaker. There’s nobody on the team that can create his own shot outside of Damien Lolar, who’s a big man himself. The other two bigs combined for only six points and seven rebounds. This team will need to orchestrate some things or slow the pace down and use their size in order to have success.

The Green Wave can pound the Scrubs because they don’t have much size, but probably wont. I’m going with the vets.

Scrubs by 10

ALL4ONE (0-1) vs. The Rock Pile (1-0)

Another year, another ALL4ONE team that is so reliant on Kevin Thompson’s ability to score, rebound and wreck havoc. This team needs the rest of their franchise guys to show up right away. They have the necessary role players around him to be successful. They just need their core to show up and provide the help that’s needed to be championship caliber. That responsibility falls on captain Freddie Burton, who has been balling in his own right.

The Rock Pile flexed their muscle against the defending champion Omar’s Tires last week. Big man Joel Armstrong looks like the real deal. He finished with 19 points and 16 rebounds. Pounding the much smaller Omar’s Tires down low. They also lit up the three-pointers, connecting on 16 triples, just to show how balanced of a team they are. Mark Torell and Brian Hoffman may have outdone themselves this year.

The Rock Pile is a force but something is telling me that ALL4ONE will be at full strength. Still, my record is on the line and like fantasy football I'm going with the safe bet. Rock Pile wins!

Rock Pile by 5