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Fearless Predictions: Week 6

By Ray Johnson, 01/16/18, 8:15AM CST


D.O.A. takes on Self Made in the Game of the Week

Akeem Cubie and D.O.A. take on Dierre Martin and Self Made in the Game of the Week.


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Falcons (0-5) vs. Rock Pile (3-2)

The Falcons are the only winless team in the league (0-5) following a 92-89 loss to Hybrid Nation. News got even worse after the game ass big man Jacob Peterson informed me starting point guard Derek Scully would be out for the remainder of the season due to injury. This team is still talented enough to compete. Captain Carlos Ortiz will have to get on the phone and do some recruiting to fill his spot and get some chemistry going.

I don’t know what’s more amazing to me. That Steffan Diggs catch at the end of the Vikings game for the win or how the Rock Pile lost to only four guys! Really, like 2.5 guys from a talent stand point. The Pile was just coming off a miraculous victory over then undefeated Birdie’s Revenge. They were playing fantastic basketball. Then, they pull this? Was it that hard to have one guy cherry pick the whole game or leak out? Was it that hard to double-team Roosevelt Scott and Akeem Cubie the whole game? I really don’t understand how you lose to four guys. I can’t believe this happen to a team that’s as good as the Pile.

Rock Pile by 9

Birdie's Revenge (4-1) vs. Green Wave (1-4)

Birdie’s Revenge came out red-hot and never let the lead slip as they sealed up a 78-73 victory against the previously undefeated Scrubs. The Scrubs were without star forward Kevin Henderson and it showed. Although, the way Birdie’s Revenge played, who’s to say it would have mattered entirely. The biggest difference is the scoring discrepancy. Birdie’s Revenge had four players including Lee Moore, Roc Rogers, Dom Dawson and Travon McKee score 16+ points as they passed well and showed great poise. The Scrubs had two guys score 20 and 30. It’s safe to say BR is back on track as one of the league’s elite.

I may have underestimated the Green Wave. That was one gutsy win against a well-balanced and good Savages team. The Wave was without arguably their two best scorers in Tyrell Sledge and Damien Lolar. Yet, it didn’t matter. Captain Origin Spencer, who has spent most of his Triple Double career as a solid role player, has taken his game to another level. He exploded for 31 points and made amazing plays time and time again down the stretch. Kem Michael played out of his mind as well, posting 25 points in his own right. This team needs to fill the holes and get their Franchise players to show. Then, they’ll be ready for a serious playoff run.

I respect what the Wave did last week, but Birdie’s Revenge a different beast.

Birdie’s Revenge by 12

Savages (1-4) vs. Mpls. Scrubs (4-1)

I just cannot figure out this Savages team. On paper, they are one of the most talented teams in the league. On the court, though. Yeah, it’s not translating correctly. They hit rock bottom last week, losing to a winless Green Wave team with five people suiting and two of them not being their best two players. Maybe it’s time for this team to make some serious trades. They have the assets to do so. They’ll just have to find another squad who’s suited to get them what they need. I’m not sure what the problem is, but with the Scrubs coming up this week they better figure it out fast.

The Scrubs were undermanned and outplayed by a more cohesive Birdie’s Revenge team. DeAndre Townsend and Jamel Staten combined for 51 points, but outside of that there wasn’t much offense. Even their buckets were often forced. Granted, forward Kevin Henderson was absent for this contest. But this is Triple Double and players attendance is never an excuse. No matter who it is. The key for this team is having Marcus Smith play within him and Cory Luckett stop deferring on offense. Luckett can score and he has to be as confident as he was with his previous team for this squad to be championship bound.

The Savages need this win bad, but unfortunately for them they’re running into an angry Scrubs team after a loss.

Scrubs by 8

Self Made (3-2) vs. D.O.A. (4-1) - Game of the Week

Self Made fought hard against a red-hot Omar’s Tires team last week before eventually falling by four points. This team just got better with the addition of Brandyn Frelix, who replaced Luckett. He’s a guy that can score and rebound. He also can create shots for himself and others. Sitting at 3-2 with a promising roster, captain Tyrone Colston may have put together his best Self Made team yet.

What an incredible performance by D.O.A. last week. Specifically, I mean Roosevelt Scott, Akeem cubie, Matt Thayer, and Tim Jones. That’s right they only had four players to go with. Cubie and Scott combined for 61 points and D.O.A. shocked the entire league as they pulled off a miraculous performance to upset the Rock Pile. The most impressive part of it all was the fact that Rock Pile had all eight of their players and it didn’t matter. This team is scary. Flat out.

Self Made has been working and can easily win this game. However D.O.A. just did the unthinkable and I’d be a fool to count them out.

D.O.A. by 4

All4One (4-1) vs. Omar's Tires (3-2)

All4One almost blew the game to a struggling Crowd Pleasers team. The game in fact needed overtime for them to win. That’s okay, though, because in they coasted to victory in OT. It was even more refreshing to see a game that Kevin Thompson was held in check with 12 points and other guys were able to pick up the slack and get the job done.  This team is forming into one of the best in the league.

Omar’s Tires is on a three-game winning streak after they closed out Self Made for a 78-74 win. They are finally starting to form an identity. Brensley Haywood is shaping up to be the draft pick they secretly planted as well. The biggest concern for this team is their usage of Paris Kyles. They run him like Russell Westbrook. Will he be too fatigued by the end of the year to finish the job? Time will tell. Until then, this team is picking up where they left off from last year.

All4One is the cream of the crop. And they are still the only team to take out a really good D.O.A. squad. I’m not sure who will show up for Omar’s Tires this week. That scares me.

All4One by 3

Crowd Pleasers (1-4) vs. Hybrid Nation (2-3)

The Crowd Pleasers played tough and almost pulled off a crazy comeback, only to fall apart in overtime to lose 63-56 to All4One last week. Nearly every game this season the Pleasers have either needed to rally back from a big deficit or have surrendered a big lead. Well, they say it’s a game of runs, but this is hardly what they meant. Caleb Willis will have to take over ball games and be the facilitator this team need in order for them to close out games and be successful.

Hybrid Nation has quietly strung off two wins in a row to keep pace for the eighth and final playoff spot. Last week it was a 82-79 win against the winless Falcons. Their formula is simple: put up a lot of threes, run and gun. That’s the best way for them since they lack size against a lot of teams and it’s working. Five guys reached the double figure mark, including D’starr Turner’s game-high 26 points. This team can be sneaky good.

Hybrid Nation has been scoring and have been hot lately, but this seems like a game that their lack of size will hurt them.

Crowd Pleasers by 2