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Fearless Predictions: Week 9

By Ray Johnson, 02/06/18, 8:30AM CST


Rock Pile takes on Self Made in the Game of the Week

Rico Gunn (left) and the Rock Pile take on Lee Gaines and Self Made in the Game of the Week.


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D.O.A. (4-4) vs. Omar's Tires (6-2)

D.O.A. is struggling badly. They’ve lost four of their last five games. Their only win in that stretch was a four-on-five miracle they pulled out against a strong Rock Pile team. That win left everybody with the impression these guys mean business no matter who is on the floor. As long as they have Akeem Cubie and Roosevelt Scott they can’t be touched. Wrong. Ever since I made the league aware they are last in three-pointing shooting and first in the paint, things changed. Go figure. This team needs some reinforcements bad. Until then, as crazy as this may sound, they need to run the offense through Spencer Puckett. He’s the best passer on the team.

Omar’s Tires extended their win streak to six games after they outlasted Birdie’s Revenge, 72-70, last week and joined the first place club. It’s a five-team tie right now for first place. One of the closest races this deep in the season in Triple Double history. Omar’s Tires finally has the core pieces they were looking for early on and they are pumping their chest. It’s not like they’ve rolled through bottom feeders on this streak. With the last win they’ve now beaten Birdie’s Revenge, the Scrubs and All4One in a three-week stretch. The two games before that was Self Made on a streak and the Savages that have been balling lately.

These two teams are on completely different paths right now and I don’t see how anyone can stop Omar’s Tires at this point.

Omar’s Tires by 6

Crowd Pleasers (3-5) vs. Savages (3-5)

The Crowd Pleasers got a much-needed win against Green Wave last week. All five starters finished with double figures. Yes, the Green Wave is a bottom feeder, but they’re no slouches and the Pleasers took care of business.

The Savages are on a roll following a 23-point whooping they put on Self Made. That’s back-to-back wins against top six teams after they endured a five-game losing streak. The losing streak isn’t as bad is it sounds when you look at the teams they faced. Four of those teams are currently tied for first place in the standings. The only head scratcher was the 10-point loss to the Green Wave.

Both teams are tied for eighth place in the standings. The winner would have a one game edge and the head-to-head tiebreaker, which would essentially make it a two-game advantage. I’m not saying this a must win, but it’s one that can decide a season.  All arrows are pointing toward the Savages right now as they’re the hotter team.

Savages by 3

Falcons (1-7) vs. Birdie's Revenge (6-2)

After beating the Green Wave two weeks ago, the Falcons got back to their normal selves when they took on All4One last week, losing the game by double figures. Even with the emergence of Jordair Jett this team just doesn’t have enough to compete at a high level and their playoff hopes are dwindling.

Birdie’s Revenge lost a thriller to a red hot Omar’s Tires team. Nothing to be ashamed of; they fought hard. A few plays go their way and the outcome a different story. They’ll look to make a statement this week.

The way Birdie’s Revenge responded after their last loss has to count for something. This game is made for a six-player double-figure beat down.

Birdie’s Revenge by 15


All4One (6-2) vs. Green Wave (1-7)

Kevin Thompson, Marquis Walker and Derrick Smith combined for 65 points as All4One rolled over the Falcons. This team has gelled well since the addition of Marquis Walker. They’ll look to separate themselves from the five-team tie for first place this week.

The Green Wave just hasn’t been able to put it all together. Once one player shows up another doesn’t, on and off the court. The addition of Tyrell Sledge hasn’t made a big difference for this squad and that’s a shocker. They’ll need to pull the upset to keep their hopes for the eighth seed alive.

All4One should have a ball against the Green Wave. We should see some big numbers in this one.

All4One by 14

Hybrid Nation (2-6) vs. MPLS Scrubs (6-2)

Hybrid nation was the first team of the season to pull a no call, no show. These types of things don’t usually happen until about the last couple weeks of the season. Unfortunately, they had a reason as two of their key guys Armani Scott and Dstarr Turner were out with injuries. Still, there’s like six other guys on the team. Let’s play ball, fellas.

The Scrubs responded to that loss to Omar’s Tires from a couple weeks back with a win over D.O.A. Kevin Henderson led the team in scoring with 27, as he continued his hot streak from beyond the arc by connecting on six triples. The Scrubs are good, but they have their aspirations set on a top ranking in the regular season.

The Scrubs are way too big and strong for Hybrid nation. This game could get ugly if the pace turns to run and gun.

Scrubs by 16

Rock Pile (6-2) vs. Self Made (4-4)

The Rock Pile got a bye last week as their opponent failed to show up. I don’t think it would have mattered as they were expected to beat Hybrid Nation handily. This week they’ll look to come out with some energy as they’ve had two weeks off.

Self Made has hit a wall as they’ve been outscored 68.5 to 93 the past two games. That’s a 24.5 average margin of defeat. I don’t know what they’re going to have to do to get out this slump but they’re going to need to figure it out. Maybe, get Brandyn Frelix back, for starters.

The Rock Pile should be excited to get back on the court. Add that with Self Made’s recent struggles and this game could be another one that gets out of hand.

Rock Pile by 9