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    Power Rankings: Week 7

    By Laurence Farah 01/20/2009, 6:16pm CST

    'Cats remain slam-dunk No. 1 despite loss to Ducks

    Gophers dig own hole in Mac's 5 rematch

    By Nick Hauge 01/18/2009, 8:44am CST

    Baber leads Mac's 5 in blowout with near triple double

    Fearless Predictions: Week 6

    By Joey Wedlund 01/17/2009, 9:15pm CST

    JW breaks down the Gophers' second chance at Mac's 5, the Ducks two tough ones and more.

    Power Rankings: Week 6

    By Laurence Farah 01/15/2009, 1:35pm CST

    Fearless Predictions: Week 5

    By Joey Wedlund 01/08/2009, 10:14am CST

    Team captain Ben Thurow and his undefeated No. 1-ranked Wildcats take on defending champions Mac's 5 tonight in the Week 5 Game of the Week.

    TD Draft Recap

    By Laurence Farah 11/17/2008, 5:13pm CST

    This year’s draft encompassed numerous firsts and a pair of rookie captains made a few veteran captains look clueless.

    Page 55 of 55

    Displaying Results 541 - 546 of 546